Just the other day, whilst meeting with the CEO of a well known and respected Australian fashion label, we were asked who we thought were doing a good job at designing retail spaces in our current market.

After coming away from this meeting we gave it some further consideration and decided to share our thoughts based on what is happening in our own back yard…

Sass & Bide consistently maintain and reflect their brand authenticity through their retail environment. Their black and white interiors provide a sophisticated colour palette to showcase their vibrant and eclectic collection whilst slight quirky touches are sympathetic to their edgy fashion style.
Although their white floors wouldn’t be much fun to clean everyday, their store environment certainly comes across as squeaky clean and polished!

Seed Heritage have hit the ground running!  First as a children’s fashion brand and now branching out to include woman’s fashion.  We feel they take on a similar approach to their interiors as Ralph Lauren, it is the warmth and romance they seem to capture within each store that is where we find alignment between the two brands.

The division of space into smaller rooms allowing the customer to experience the collection as a series of stories rather than being inundated with product  adds a sense of mystery and heightens the romanticism.  In addition it is this home-like feel that Seed Heritage have been extremely successful in creating within the shopping experience.  It makes you feel like sitting down on the nearest sofa and putting your feet up with a cuppa!

Last but not least, how could we go past the iconic French fashion house – Louis Vuitton, the masters of visual merchandising.  Whilst their VM budget per year could easily equate to the value of an apartment on Sydney harbour, it’s important to recognise the value that visual merchandising brings to a brand and its retail presence.  These magical shopfront windows truly excite, capture and mystify their audience.

Speaking of VM, has anyone seen the latest Oroton windows…pick a flower, any flower…

That’s just a snapshot of some of the best in town – according to us.  Thank you to the person who prompted this post and we look forward to potentially working with them in the near future.

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